Foresight4Food: Enhancing foresight and scenario analysis for global food systems

Netherlands Government through the International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD)

ECI: Dr John Ingram (PI), Dr Monika Zurek (Co-I), Jim Woodhill (Senior consultant) 

The Foresight4Food Initiative explores how foresight – a key tool for governments, business and civil society to better understand future risks and opportunities – and scenario analysis for the global food system could be improved.

Our work

The programme is a collaboration of science institutions, international agencies, platforms and coalitions, and development organisations working together to transform food systems through:

  • Analysis and synthesis of the drivers, trends and future scenarios for food systems
  • Enhanced methods and tools for foresight and scenario analysis
  • Stakeholder dialogue, informed by science, about the future of food systems
  • Improved decision-making for healthy, sustainable and equitable food systems

How food systems change over the coming decades will have profound global implications for our health, economic and social wellbeing and the environment. Globally, we are on an unhealthy, unsustainable and inequitable path compounded by the risks and uncertainties of climate change. To help drive change we need a deeper understanding of how the future might unfold and more insight about the options for taking action – before crises hit.


Foresight4food leaflet


Food systems
February 2023

Foresight is a key tool that governments, private sector, and civil society can jointly use to better understand future risks and opportunities, explore possible futures, and to adapt. Foresight4Food anticipates trends and changes in food systems, analyses solutions and innovations, and creates foresight-backed scenarios and options to guide action. 

External team

Jim Woodhill
Senior consultant