Oxford Net Zero


Director: Prof Myles Allen

Oxford Net Zero is an interdisciplinary research initiative based on the University of Oxford’s fifteen years of research on climate neutrality. The research fellows are recruited from partner institutions from around the world are working to track progress, align standards and inform effective solutions in climate science, law, policy, economics, clean energy, transport, land and food systems and greenhouse gas removal.  

Leading academics from across the University’s disciplines, including Geography, Physics, Economics, Biology, Law and Earth Sciences, have come together to focus on the long-term questions necessary to achieve equitable, science-based solutions.

Oxford Net Zero aims to transform policies and practices at multiple scales to co-achieve net zero emissions and sustainable development. We will do this through the establishment of the world’s leading translational research initiative providing an integrated view of the scientific, ecological, economic and social challenges through sustained engagement with business, civil society and national and international policy makers.