Over 5 years experience in the physics of climate change and its interactions with policymaking. Completed a PhD in atmospheric physics in 2023, studying constraints on the rate of global warming, research determining relative contributions from various sources, and implications for policy making and the Paris Agreement. I have extensive experience of radiative forcing measurements, modelling and observations. I also led the first two studies on the application of CTBO in global climate policy. The CTBO is a supply-side regulatory policy which means suppliers of fossil fuels are obligated to capture and permanently store a rising fraction of the CO2 arising from the fuel's production and its use. I currently sit as a research fellow in Oxford Net Zero, researching responsible net zero policy for the hard-to-abate sectors, and designing appraisal frameworks for their assessment. I work closely with the University on their appraisal methodologies for funding receipts, and engage with industry stakeholders and governments on their design of net zero policy and legislation. 

Corporate net zero claims and their appraisal, particularly that of fossil fuel companies and other hard-to-abate industries. Interactions between physics and the requirements of global, national, and corporate climate policy. Greenhouse gas metric design and applications; CO2-forcing-equivalence, GWP*. Attributing global warming using radiative forcing.

Professional interests include: credible climate policy, net zero physics, CCS and CDR, carbon budgets and their fair allocations, GHG metrics design and application, offsetting, the physics of climate change.


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