Environment & Health

Our research focuses on the interaction between environmental change and human health, in particular the impacts our diets and the food systems underpinning them have on planetary and public health.

We bring together researchers with multi-disciplinary backgrounds to conduct quantitative studies on the interactions between the environment and health, with a particular focus on diets and food systems. Our areas of research include:

  • Assessments of impacts: Analysis of the health impacts of environmental change, including assessments of the full cost of diets
  • Assessments of the drivers of impacts and co-benefits: Analysis of how dietary and food-system changes impact human health and the environment
  • Assessments of policy options: Analysis of fiscal and other incentives for supporting a transition towards healthy and sustainable food systems

The programme is a collaboration between ECI and the Centre on Climate Change and Planetary Health at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine.