EU Horizon Programme

ECI lead: Dr Marco Springmann

The BrightSpace consortium aims to design effective and sustainable strategies to allow EU agriculture to flourish in a safe and just operating space (SJOS).

EU agriculture and food practices are currently unlikely to meet the ambitions and objectives of the Green Deal. The BrightSpace collaboration provides a toolbox to analyse and coordinate the effects of innovative technologies, governance structures, as well as short- and long-term agriculture policies related in order to create consistent, coherent, and lasting strategies that match the Green Deal objectives.

The project highlights the diversity of challenges of SJOS across countries and regions, and delivers evidence on cause-effect relations between drivers and outcomes. 

The support for effective and sustainable actions will include identifying critical pathways for technological, institutional and consumer-oriented options for EU policies in agriculture, climate change, trade, and energy.

Project consortium

  • Wageningen University & Research
  • Thünen Institute
  • International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis 
  • Institut National De Recherche Pour L’agriculture, L’alimentation et L’environnement
  • Rheinische Friedrich-Wilhelms-Universität Bonn
  • Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore
  • European Centre for Agricultural, Regional and Environmental Policy Research
  • PBL Netherlands Environmental Assessment Agency
  • CITA (Centro De Investigación Y Tecnología Agroalimentaria)
  • Technology Centre Prague
  • Czech University of Life Sciences
  • Planslab Kft
  • Wageningen University
  • Joint Research Centre, European Commission
  • University of Oxford