Anna Freeman is a Senior Research Associate in Resilience Analytics at ECI, specialising in interdisciplinary environmental research. Her areas of expertise include resilience and adaptation, climate risk and vulnerability, environmental pollution and ecosystem services. Additionally, she has a background in freshwater ecology and the associated risks of pollution.

At the heart of Anna's research lies the intersection of environmental and social sciences. Her work aims to identify environmental hazards and vulnerabilities, provide insights for informed decision-making, and foster resilience in the face of challenges associated with global change. She has collaborated with various organisations, such as the Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) of the United Nations, the UK Government departments and agencies, as well as the Indian Government and institutions.

Anna is also affiliated with the Centre for Environmental Policy at Imperial College London (ICL), where she investigates global vulnerability to drought and the natural resources-driven fragility. Before joining ICL, at the University of Reading, she contributed to a multi-sectoral climate risk indicators project funded by the UK Climate Resilience Programme, collaborating with the Met Office, UK Centre for Ecology & Hydrology (UK CEH), and Forestry Commission. Some of her research methods encompass risk assessment, spatial analysis, stakeholder engagement, multi-criteria approaches, evidence synthesis, field research, and laboratory analysis.

During her PhD, Anna focused on catchment-scale ecology and water quality in the River Thames, undertaking research jointly conducted by UK CEH Wallingford and the University of Reading. This project aimed to weave together geographical, ecological, and other environmental datasets to paint a comprehensive picture of the River Thames environment.

Beyond academia, Anna has worked in commercial consultancy, providing risk and resilience analytics. She pursues her interest in microscope photography, capturing the intricate microworlds of lakes and rivers. She also volunteers in collaborations with artists and other passionate environmental enthusiasts, further contributing to the exploration and preservation of our natural world.