Nature-based solutions initiative

Various bodies

ECI leads: Dr Pam Berry and Alison Smith

The NBSI aims to understand the potential of nature-based solutions, and to support their sustainable implementation through the application of good evidence from science and practice.

Founded in 2017, the Nature-based Solutions Initiative is an international and interdisciplinary team of natural and social scientists, seeking to apply impactful research to shape policy and practice on nature-based solutions through research, teaching and engagement with policymakers and practitioners.

Based in the Department of Biology, the Initiative collaborates with economists, engineers, governance and finance experts from across the University of Oxford and beyond. They also work in partnership with international and local NGOs from the conservation and development sectors, businesses and governments.

Research themes

  • NbS for climate change adaptation – building social-ecological resilience in a warming world
  • NbS for climate change mitigation – credible and sustainable pathways to achieving net-zero
  • Social dimensions of NbS – understanding for whom NbS bring benefits, and how
  • NbS and biodiversity – measuring and monitoring biodiversity outcomes of NbS
  • Economics of NbS – economic recovery potential of investments in nature
  • Best practice guidelines – case studies and guidelines for policy and practice

Nature-based solutions guidelines

Well-designed NbS can contribute to tackling climate change and biodiversity loss, whilst supporting many other sustainable development goals, but poorly designed schemes can have adverse impacts. Four evidence-based guidelines will help you to deliver successful, sustainable NbS with long term benefits for people and nature.