Mobilising sustainable investment in emerging and developing economies


We work to develop analytics and evidence to help governments, multi-laterals and investors mobilise the public and private finance needed to advance the sustainable development goals (SDGs), with a focus on water, food, nature, climate adaptation and infrastructure.

According to the OECD, emerging and developing economies face a 4.2 trillion USD financing gap to achieve the sustainable development goals (SDGs) and this up from 2.5 trillion USD pre-Covid-19. While progress has been made across several SDGs in many countries, others have reversed or stagnated in recent years. The poorest countries face particular challenges as a result of added fiscal constraints post-Covid-19 and the changing global macroeconomic environment. Where and how can private finance fill this gap, and how can fiscal policy and development finance be used most effectively to catalyse the public and private investment needed to drive resilient, inclusive and sustainable development?

Our work

  • Linking granular metrics of needs and impacts locally in emerging and developing economies to global decisions to help unlock inclusive and sustainable investment
  • Developing analytical tools and metrics to support both public and private investors to assess risks, identify opportunities, measure impacts and design new financing modalities aligned with resilience and the SDGs, including through the Global Resilience Hub
  • Exploring the role of development partnerships and financing in mobilising financing, including inputs into the European Commission High Level Expert Group on scaling up sustainable finance in low- and middle-income countries
  • Working with the Global Centre for Adaptation to build understanding of effective financing modalities for nature-based solutions
  • Understanding the role of public finance in mobilising investment in nature, adaptation and the SDGs, including blended finance and guarantees, as part of the FCDO-funded Climate Compatible Growth Programme
  • Developing frameworks and metrics to help align finance with SDGs, with a focus on water, food, nature, social inclusion, climate adaptation and infrastructure.
  • Exploring the role of risk financing and insurance, both in protecting people and securing prosperity and in de-risking long-term investment
  • Researching how to ensure emerging green and sustainable finance frameworks can work for the goals of emerging and developing economies
  • Working with Ministries of Finance, International Financial Institutions, Central Banks and other financial authorities to explore how to build the enabling environment for resilience, investment and prosperity locally and globally.

Dorian van Raalte
Research Assistant