M-Benefits: Valuing and communicating multiple benefits of energy-efficiency measures

EU H2020

Programme leads: Dr Tina Fawcett and Dr Gavin Killip

M-Benefits created a method for companies to include the multiple benefits of energy efficiency in their investment assessment and decision-making.

A multiple benefits approach can bolster energy efficiency policy and related green recovery efforts. Researchers developed and tested a step-wise approach to identifying, assessing and quantifying, and communicating multiple benefits associated with energy saving measures. The tools developed include:

  • Evaluation toolkit: resources for analytical and decision-making processes, including analytical steps and milestones
  • Communication tools: for energy managers to effectively communicate energy saving projects to upper management and decision-makers
  • Training materials: a user manual, and a online game simulating the process of convincing a company’s top management to implement energy efficiency measures.

Our work

Partners conducted training in seven countries, along with workshops as part of the eceee Summer Study conferences in Sweden and France. In addition, 24 companies participated in pilot projects and were led through the process of evaluating their energy efficiency measures. Themes at the final conference included:

  • Competitiveness – companies highlighted competitive energy saving investments leading to improved value proposition, lower costs and risks
  • Enhancing the business case – new tools, project results and evidence linked energy saving projects and solutions to core business benefits
  • Synergies with green recovery – panellists and participants made connections and identified synergies with efficiency policy, programmes, and related green deal and recovery plans.

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