iNumber: iNtelligent Urban Model for Built environment Energy Research

Newton Bhabha Fund, EPSRC, ESRC

ECI leads: Dr Russell Laybury and Dr Katy Janda

iNumberis a four-year research collaboration between India and United Kingdom to help cities reduce their energy demand and improve their electricity and water services.

iNumber developed an urban model for buildings and municipal energy services to help cities plan for secure energy and water provision. The aim was to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, stabilise the electricity grid, and help to alleviate poverty by enabling municipalities to provide more support and social services to poorer members of their communities.

Sustainable urbanisation requires the provision of secure energy for health and comfort. Planning sustainable energy services requires an understanding of how energy demand changes over time and space, and tools to help plan its reduction and generation. iNUMBER worked to:

  • Develop city energy models integrating building stock and municipal services to secure city energy supply
  • Link precision UAV Photogrammetry and LiDAR datasets from current research with existing datasets
  • Support Indian municipalities and local partners to develop a data-driven intelligent digital twin for built environment energy research and municipal planning, providing a framework for creating and maintaining a database.

Our work

The project has:

  • Undertaken innovative urban data collection methods, UAV Imagery collection, and big data analytics.
  • Provided a highly precise geometrical textured 3D city model with use-case of urban energy analysis and other applications
  • Promoted the economic development and welfare of developing countries by providing iNUMBER’s methodology as a viable alternative, helping India transition to a smart sustainable energy system.
  • Engaged with Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation, energy software developers, energy meter hardware suppliers, residential construction companies, architectural firms, and user experience experts. iNUMBER collaborated with other research groups, engaged with policymakers, and benefitted the public
  • Demonstrated a multi-tier city level dashboard
  • Delivered a strong collaboration built on the strengths of IT India and energy epidemiology in the UK.

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