EDOL: Energy Demand Observatory and Laboratory


ECI lead: Tina Fawcett

EDOL collects and shares high resolution, longitudinal, technical and social energy-related data from 2000 representative households – the observatory. A smaller number of households will take part in experiments with new technologies, business models and policy interventions – the laboratory.

EDOL’s aims are to develop tools to collect and share energy demand data at scale

The aims are to:

  • Enable and strengthen foundational scientific understanding of how and why energy is used in homes through data-rich sociotechnical research.
  • Deliver applied research and modelling flexibly and responsively to a fast-moving technological and policy landscape.
  • Make representative and reliable data available to scientists, industry and policymakers.
  • Sustain the UK’s world-leading research in data-driven approaches to energy data collection, analysis and access.
  • Innovate new, cost-effective smart data solutions for collecting energy data at scale.

The project is led by UCL, with ECI and the Department of Engineering Science. Participant and data management is led by University College London, PI Prof Tadj Oreszczyn.

The instrumentation for the Observatory is overseen in the Department of Engineering Science at Oxford, led by the project's Research Director, Dr Phil Grunewald.