Clean Heat Streets

Department of Energy Security & Net Zero

ECI lead: Dr Nick Banks

Clean Heat Streets (CHS) aims to install 150 heat pumps into the Rose Hill area of Oxford over a two year period, and do so inclusively, fairly and without causing problems on the electricity distribution network.

We will innovate at every stage of the process and support householders to get the best out of their systems once installed. We're using placed-based approaches, working closely with the local community and its various groups to identify and map the technical, economic and social capabilities of our target area to shape and drive engagement.

We are also rebuilding the complex survey and installation processes from scratch and using proven digital tools to reduce costs. A wide range of people within the local community will benefit from a heat pump, including those with lower incomes. The project also serves wider net-zero objectives. Partnership with the local DNO (SSEN) ensures that local network constraints are identified and flexible solutions can be developed to avoid the need for expensive grid upgrades.

Clean Heat Streets is lead by Samsung Research UK. University of Oxford Department of Engineering Science, the ECI and Oxford Brookes University provide research and data analytic support, helping to design the enagagement strategy and calculating effects of heat pumps on local networks.

Installations will be overseen by Heat Pump Design specialists Alto Energy from Oxfordshire, and carried out by local installers. We will be working on community engagement with Rose Hill and key partner and local group Iffley Low Carbon, plus Oxford City Council and Oxfordshire County Council.

Scottish and Southern Electricity Networks will be working with us to reduce any impacts on the local grid. Consumer research specialists Gengame, Smart Grid consultants SMS Ltd and Smart Heating specialists Passiv UK complete the consortium.

Dr Bryony Parrish
Postdoctoral Researcher in Local Energy Systems
Professor David Wallom
Professor of Informatics, Department of Engineering Science
Rohan Agrawal
Research Associate, Department of Engineering Science