Agile Initiative


ECI lead: Jim Hall

Based at the Oxford Martin School, the Agile Initiative aims to revolutionise how world-class interdisciplinary, high-impact research supports environmental policymaking.

The project responds to specific social and environmental policy questions with fast-paced solution-focused ‘Sprints’ that deliver demand-led new research when it’s needed. In these Sprints, interdisciplinary research teams drawn from across Oxford work with partners to feed evidence into the policy cycle in real-time.

The Agile Initiative will share its learning, develop training in the Sprint approach, and create a group of interdisciplinary, engaged early career researchers who are keen to make a difference.

Our work

The Covid-19 pandemic demonstrated that given the right combination of people, resources, and motivation, science can deliver outstanding research and tangible solutions in record time. The combination of direct interaction with decision-makers leads to policy breakthroughs that make the most of evidence-led thinking.

The Agile Initiative aims to transform the pace at which high quality research evidence contributes to policy decisions. This requires a process for defining clear, focused objectives, quickly committing funding, bringing the right people together, and strong, flexible, leadership that is not afraid to take risks.