Tom Russell is a Senior Research Software Engineer in the Oxford Programme for Sustainable Infrastructure Systems research group within ECI, is associated with the Alan Turing Institute as an external researcher, and is a Fellow of the Software Sustainability Institute.

Tom joined ECI in 2016 as part of the Infrastructure Structure Transitions Research Consortium Mistral project, developing models of infrastructure in collaboration with infrastructure sector and modelling experts across the UK.

Before joining the Environmental Change Institute at Oxford, Tom worked as a translator and web developer then studied for an MRes at CASA, the Centre for Advanced Spatial Analysis in University College London, working as a research assistant on the Mechanicity and Colouring London [] projects and for the UCL Institute for Sustainable Resources, the Centre for the Study of the Legacies of British Slavery and BBC Horizon

Sustainability and resilience of infrastructure systems

Data analysis and modelling for long-term planning and risk analysis of infrastructure systems (transport, energy, water, communications) and the built environment. Acute and chronic climate risks from extreme events and long-term change.

Research software engineering

Reproducible research. Open-source computational modelling, analysis and supporting libraries. Developing good practices and research software skills.

Spatial networks

Practical software tools and libraries for working with geographical networks, network characteristics, simulation of dynamics and flows.



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