Shaun is a Research Programmer and Data Analyst for Food System Economic Cost Modelling at the School of Geography and the Environment. He is currently involved with the FOODCoST project that aims to provide a set of improved analytical instruments to evaluate the externalities associated with a transition to more sustainable food systems. 

Shaun has a background in Liberal Arts, with a focus in Psychology and Economics. After completing his bachelor's degree from the Symbiosis School for Liberal Arts, he began pursuing an MSc in Psychological Research Methods and Data Science from the University of Sheffield, in the year 2022.

Research interests

His primary research interests include the psychology of eating behaviour and weight management. In the past he has investigated the role of sustainable, plant proteins in appetite and satiety, and consequently weight management. He is also interested in understanding ethnic and cultural differences in obesity.  


FOODCoST is a four-year project, funded by the Horizon Europe Framework Programme under Grant Agreement 101060481.

It aims to support the transition towards sustainable food systems by proposing a harmonising methodology to calculate externalities in climate, biodiversity, environmental, social and health along the food value chain.