Yekatherina is a Research Associate in Energy Demand Reduction Policy, she joined the ECI in 2021 to undertake research in projects under the overall theme of 'Demand/ supply policy asymmetry', which forms part of the Theme 6 (Policy and Governance) in the Centre for Research into Energy Demand Solutions (CREDS). The theme is led by Tina Fawcett. The centre is led by Nick Eyre.

Yekatherina holds a PhD in Social Science and System Dynamics from University College London (2020), which focused on the demand side of the sustainable energy transition in the UK owner-occupied housing stock. Upon completion of her PhD, Yekatherina was awarded a 1-year ESRC Postdoctoral Fellowship, with which she extended on her PhD work and built networks to develop impact opportunities.

Research interests

Yekatherina's long-term research interests include:

  • energy demand reduction
  • energy policy and governance
  • socio-technical systems research
  • systems thinking
  • system dynamics simulation modelling.

Full publications list

See Yekatherina’s Google Scholar profile for a full list of publications with links to downloadable material.


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