Tom Harwood is the Associate Director of the Environmental Change Institute, University of Oxford. He is currently working with the Leverhulme Centre for Nature Recovery to set local case studies within their regional biodiversity context, and build a globally consistent environmental infrastructure to support the next generation of integrative decision tools addressing biodiversity, land use and climate change.

He is a spatial ecological modeller with advanced software engineering skills who works across a wide range of environmental domains at fine resolution from local to global scales. Over the course of his career, Tom has worked on epidemiology, geneflow, weather and microclimate generation, terrain adjustment and downscaling of climate, land use and crop modelling. Tom has a particular focus on the delivery of spatial metrics for practical policy to address biodiversity loss and climate change, and joined Oxford from CSIRO in Australia in 2023, where he has been supporting national planning and monitoring for 14 years. Another key focus of Tom’s work is the estimation of the local condition of habitat using different remote sensing based approaches, as a prerequisite for biodiversity analysis.

In recent years, Tom has been responsible for the development and maintenance of time series of three Component Indicators for the Kunming-Montreal Global Biodiversity Framework, the Biodiversity Habitat Index (Goal A), the Protected Area Representativeness and Connectedness Index (Goal A) and the Bioclimatic Ecosystem Resilience Index (Target 8). A current research focus is the creation of systems to support in-country generation of these indicators using national data sources for all countries.


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Selected datasets

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  • Harwood, Tom; Ware, Chris; Hoskins, Andrew; Ferrier, Simon (2022): PARC: Protected Area Connectedness Index v2: 30s global layer 2020. v1. CSIRO. Data Collection. doi: 10.25919/kt3f-2z04
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