Steven trained in the field of noncommutative geometry in pure mathematics before branching into applied mathematical and statistical methods useful in complex decision making.

From 2010 to 2015 he was responsible for leading quantitative research and applications at the Australian Department of Defence as part of a multi-disciplinary group providing advice, modelling and analysis on risk management, risk assessment, future scenarios, and resilience to senior decision-makers in Australian Commonwealth Government.

Since 2016 he has worked on food system and economic modelling for sustainability, risk and resilience within the Food System Transformation Group, fostering a broad range of international collaborations. In 2017 he launched FoodSIVI with Jason Czarnezki following a series of workshops.

He has been a highly cited researcher for Futures, Advances in Mathematics, and Environmental Modelling & Software. His modelling interests and present projects include dynamic equilibrium modelling with joint stochasticity in oil prices and shocks to corn yield, cost-modelling of global food system externalities, and machine-learning time series analysis of Sub-Sahara Africa food insecurity.


Steven's research interests are divided between research into social and abatement costing of food system impact, pure mathematics, and food systems modelling.


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