Donghyun is committed to research understanding of global carbon cycle in adaptive mitigation scenarios under multiple climate forcing agents and methodologies with a focus on interactions with climate policy, adapt existing and develop new research methodologies and materials. His major interest is proposing reliable future projections to policymakers by elaborating remained uncertainties sources from climate models and future projection pathways.

He uses various types of numerical models and keeps collaborating with international teams: regional climate model (RCM: Weather@Home, GRIMs, and CCLM), convection-permitting model (CPM: CCLM), Single Climate Model (SCM: FaIR v1 and v2), and coupled global climate model (GCM: HadCM3) to evaluate model performance and understand the changes in mean and extreme under the various future projection scenarios.

  • Carbon-cycle characteristics determining the residual carbon dioxide emission amounts aimed at the target temperatures (1.5 or 2.0) of the Paris agreement
  • Climate/weather extreme events and their compounding effects
  • Climate forcing attribution experiments and meteorological explanation in a process-based approach
  • Divide and quantify the uncertainty source in future projection


4C (Climate-Carbon interactions in the Current Century) Project