Dr Aoife Bennett is Departmental Research Lecturer in the Environmental Social Sciences at ECI, SOGE and is a member of the Ecosystems Governance Group and the Ecosystems Lab. She is an interdisciplinary environmental research scientist with expertise in the social sciences, a strong background in Political Ecology and a focus on the socio-political and environmental challenges and opportunities in the Amazon. Her research involves a large amount of multi-methods field-based research, and always includes the most marginalized members of society as active members of her research. She is particularly interested in decolonizing research techniques and activities and working together on breaking down the North/South divide therein.

Aoife is an active member of the global social and environmental community within and outside of academia. She sits as Fellow to the Biodiversity Council at the World Economic Forum (where Aoife created the World Economic Strategic Intelligence Map for Biodiversity, Trustee for the charity Action for Conservation, as an author on the Science Panel for the Amazon (including in the Amazon Assessment Report), and as Advisor to a small indigenous charity that promotes cultural preservation in the Peruvian Amazon.

Aoife is a passionate researcher that likes to be involved in the lives of the people in the places where she works and as such is something of an activist academic she also engages in philanthropy and meaningful local capacity building and mutual aid.


Principal Investigator the interdisciplinary research project: Multi-Scale, Interdisciplinary Integrated Analysis of Societal and Ecosystem Values of Peruvian Amazon Peatlands (USAID, PEER cycle 9).

Principal Investigator the interdisciplinary research project: Do Communities Really Protect their Forests? Analyzing the environmental impacts and opportunities of the polity and territorial formalization of indigenous communities in Ucayali and Loreto, Peru (CONCYTEC).

Co-Investigator: Indigenous Visions for Rights-Based Approaches to Sustainability (March 2020-July 2021) Awarding Body: ICDF-SSRP - Sussex University.