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 School of Geography and the Environment

Energy Research: Lower Carbon Futures

To move towards a lower carbon economy, we must understand the links between behaviour, technologies, policy formulation and markets. We have concentrated our research on energy at home and for personal transport, but we are increasingly working on broader issues, including infrastructures of energy supply and demand, governance, and the role of professions in constructing and managing buildings. Read more about how we work.

Energy, Behaviour and Society

Nick EyreThe work on behaviour and society includes research on energy demand and low-carbon communities. Led by Nick Eyre.

Energy in Buildings

The energy in buildings theme encompasses work on low energy buildings and appliances, low-carbon housing refurbishment and energy management.

Energy and Transport

Research on energy and transport focuses on social and technological changes in transport, such as revitalising walking and cycling, low carbon vehicles and biofuels.

Infrastructure and Smart Grids

The infrastructure and smart grids research theme looks at the dynamics of national infrastructure and distributed energy resources (smart grids).

Policy, Equity, Security and Fuel Poverty

The policy, equity, security and fuel poverty theme investigates practices, supply chain, governance and policy related to energy systems, as well as carbon markets and futures analysis.  ECI has also conducted extensive research on fuel poverty.

Renewable Energy

The renewable energy work at ECI includes research on small scale energy generation.


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ITRC report cover

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Degree days

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Doctoral Research

Malek Al-Chalabi: 'Socio/technical research of personal transport use'

Iliana Cardenes Trujillo: 'Saving energy and saving water: a comparative study in policy and regulation'

Yingqui Li: 'Residential Demand Response (DR) in the UK: the potential in lowcarbon energy transformation, social implication and interaction with energy efficiency'

Yuge Ma 'Regulation and low carbon development in the reform era: comparing China and India'

Jose Ramirez Mendiola: 'The Pathway to a sustainable enegery infrasturcture system'

Marina Topouzi: 'The Role of Occupants’ Interaction with the UK’s Retrofitted Housing Stock in Energy Consumption'