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Research Impact: Analysing the risks to the nation's infrastructure

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We inform Governments on the science and mitigation of climate change.

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We lead a 27 partner consortium researching impacts and risks of extreme climate change

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Our studies show that tropical forests absorb ~15% of global carbon emissions

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We educate new environmental leaders

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We lead an international effort to enhance global food security policies

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Recognised for our innovative approach in fostering climate adaptation strategies

ECI news

30 June 2015
UK Government warned to take urgent action to prepare for the impact of climate change

30 June 2015
Has climate change made the drought in the Western US more likely? Help us by running climate models on your computer.

23 June 2015
REACH programme is launched: helping 2 million poor become water secure.

19 June 2015
Is energy efficiency a fuel? Dr Nick Eyre writes blog post for the UKERC on the recent summer school of the European Council for an Energy Efficiency Economy.

5 June 2015
The climate context for India's deadly heatwave. Scientific American examines whether there will be more extreme heat waves in the future after India's hot spell has left more than 2,000 dead. Dr Friederike Otto explains our extreme event attribution research is helping to provide answers.

4 June 2015
Base greenhouse gas targets on science not expediency, says leading climate scientist. New Oxford Martin policy paper by Myles Allen argues that until CO2 emissions are falling, cutting short-lived climate pollutants such as methane won’t help limit peak warming.

3 June 2015
Negotiating Hunger: Agriculture and the UN Climate Talks. DPhil student Chase Sova highlights the main challenges around agriculture and global food security in the upcoming round of climate negotiations.

2 June 2015
UN climate talks increasingly favour people alive today over future generations.

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