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Holocene climate change and the domestication of SW Amazonia
Prof Frank Mayle, University of Reading. Oxford Centre for Tropical Forests Seminar. A J Herbertson Room, SoGE, Oxford. Booking required.
Moths, Mountains and Canopy Cranes: or, how to keep busy in your declining years!
Prof Roger Kitching, Professor Emeritus, Griffith School of Environment, Griffith University, Australia. Oxford Centre for Tropical Forests Seminar. A J Herbertson Room, SoGE, Oxford. Booking required.
2017 Oxford Food Forum - Beyond the silo: Understanding and building linkages across the food system
The 2017 Oxford Food Forum seeks to showcase diverse understandings of the food system that break down traditional silos constraining connectivity between people, places, and problems within the food system. By bringing together graduate and early-career researchers and a wide range of players from throughout the food system-producers, consumers, activists and advocates, and everything in between - the Forum will generate new possibilities for understanding and building linkages across the food system. SoGE, Oxford. Booking required.
The concept of time in biology, and the unity of life with Prof Brian J. Enquist
One of our biggest technological innovations is that of time keeping. From the atomic to the astronomical scales, our technology has enabled us to precisely measure time. Our timekeeping uses clocks that all tick along the same time scale - a time scale that is also relative to how we perceive the passage of time. Oxford Martin School, Oxford. Booking required.
Bio- and geopolitics in historical perspective - A trans-disciplinary workshop
This two-day workshop will bring together an interdisciplinary group of Geographers, Historians and Political Scientists to reflect on the origins and intersections of modern geo- and biopolitics. Registration required.
4th Oxford Interdisciplinary Desert Conference
The 4th Oxford Interdisciplinary Desert conference provides a forum for researchers and those interested in desert and dryland environments and societies to present, discuss and debate dryland themes and research. Registration now open.
5th Integrated Land Ecosystem-Atmosphere Processes Study (iLEAPS) Conference
iLEAPS, a global research project of Future Earth, will hold its 5th Science Conference in Oxford with the theme ‘Understanding the impact of land-atmosphere exchanges’. Professor Yadvinder Malhi will speak in the session titled ‘Impact of extremes on land biophysical processes and land-atmosphere biogeochemical cycling’.

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