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 School of Geography and the Environment

Ecosystems Research

The ECI's ecosystems research is recognised for its understanding of the ecology, functioning and sensitivity of tropical forests, through extensive field study networks across the tropics. The team use satellite remote sensing and terrestrial ecosystem model tools to assess and predict rates of change in ecosystems. They analyse the governance of forest systems at multiple levels, and monitor the effectiveness of conservation measures and protected areas.

Ecosystem Laboratory

Yadvinder MalhiThe Ecosystem Laboratory seeks to understand what makes contemporary ecosystems; and how they may be affected by direct human pressures and global atmospheric change.

Led by Yadvinder Malhi

Forest Governance

Constance McDermottThe Forest Governance Programme seeks to strengthen our understanding of how state and non-state institutions and actors shape decisions about the conservation and use of forest resources around the world.

Led by Constance McDermott

Biodiversity and Climate Adaptation

Pam BerryThe Biodiversity and Climate Adaptation research group is at the forefront of integrating and improving techniques for the observation and projection of the effects of environmental change on species, ecosystems and the services they provide at the international and national level.

Led by Pam Berry

Network Affiliations

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International conference: Megafauna and Ecosystem Function: from the Pleistocene to the Anthropocene
University of Oxford, St John's College, 18 - 20 March 2014.
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Doctoral Research

Rodrigo Arce: 'Certified Forest industry diversification in the Bolivian Northern Amazon: escaping the staple trap in the forest carbon era'

Festus Asaaga: 'Smallholder Agriculture And Ecosystem Degradation In Rural Africa: Empirical Analysis Of Farmersí Land Use Decisions'

Meghan Bailey: 'Climate adaptation through a social lens: the role social differentiation, knowledge and power play in adapting agricultural practices'

Aoife Bennett-Curry: 'The political ecology of secondary and fragmented forests in the Peruvian Amazon'

Cecilia Chavana-Bryant: 'Relationships between leaf life-cycle and canopy shadow patterns on Earth Observation-derived indices in Amazonian forests'

Kathryn Clark: 'The role of landslides in the Peruvian Andes in determining forest ecology and carbon transport'

Claudia Comberti: 'The relationship between biodiversity and cultural diversity, and human adaptation to environmental change in Amazonian indigenous communities (Bolivia)'

Cecilia Dahlsjo: 'Unravelling the role of termites in ecosystem functioning in tropical Amazonia'

Tahia Devisscher: 'Enhancing the adaptive capacity of social-ecological systems in tropical forest landscape'

Agne Gvozdevaite: The functional diversity of tropical forests and their sensitivity to drought

Takeshi Inagawa: Nutrient Cycling in Altered Tropical Forest Ecosystems, Malaysian Borneo

Ewan Macdonald: How can we maximise the contribution of carbon finance mechanisms to deliver biodiversity co-benefits to species and ecosystem conservation?

Nicolas Raab: 'Modelling Tree Carbon Allocation, Gas and Energy Exchange in The Amazon through Functional Structural Models '

Caroline Schmidt: 'Avoiding deforestation and the geography of law in the Brazilian Amazon'

Rocio Urrutia: 'Assessment of forest ecosystem services under climate and land use change scenarios in Chile'