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Join the project at to help us find the answer.

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We lead a 27 partner consortium researching impacts and risks of extreme climate change

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We lead a £4m consortium addressing major challenges to infrastructure systems

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We educate new environmental leaders

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We lead an international effort to enhance global food security policies


We inform governments on the science of climate change attribution.

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Recognised for our innovative approach in fostering climate adaptation strategies

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Founding partner in the UK Energy Research Centre

ECI news

London heatwave
11 April 2014
Researchers calculate health risks of future heat waves in Greater London. Read more.

02 April 2014
Are humans Earth's biggest enemy? Debate over whether we have destroyed the planet since mankind's birth rages at conference Read more.

personal carbon allowance card
01 April 2014
ITRC conference examines the future of national infrastructure systems and economic prosperity Read more.

personal carbon allowance card
25 March 2014
Radical vision of personal carbon allowances could be the answer to greenhouse gas glut. Dr Tina Fawcett outlines the case for Personal Carbon Trading in The Conversation. Read more.

31 March 2014
Climate change: UK faces 'more extreme events and floods'. Professor Jim Hall says the UK will see an increase in temperatures, extreme events and floods as a result of global warming. Read articles

25 March 2014
Climate change will make UK weather too wet and too dry, says Met Office. Professor Jim Hall says the impacts are going to materialise via extremes. Read more.

Research outputs

Berry, S., Sharp, A., Hamilton, J. and Killip, G. (2014) Inspiring low-energy retrofits: the influence of ‘open home’ events. Building Research and Information.

Janda, K. (2014) Building Communities and Social Potential: Between and Beyond Organisations and Individuals in Commercial Properties. Energy Policy, April 2014: 48-55.

Jenkins, K., Hall, J., Glenis, V., Kilsby, C., McCarthy, M., Goodess, C., Smith, D., Malleson, N. and Birkin, M. (2014) Probabilistic spatial risk assessment of heat impacts and adaptations for London. Climatic Change, March 2014.

Pérez, B., Payo, A., López, D., Woodworth, P.L. and Alvarez-Fanjul, E. (2014) Overlapping sea level time series measured using different technologies: an example from the REDMAR Spanish network. Natural Hazards and Earth System Sciences, 14: 589-610.

McDermott, C.L. (2014) REDDuced: From sustainability to legality to units of carbon - the search for common interests in international forest governance. Environmental Science and Policy, 35: 12-19.

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Herrero, M., Thornton, P.K., Bernues, A., Baltenweck, I., Vervoort, J., et al. (2014) Exploring future changes in smallholder farming systems by linking socio-economic scenarios with regional and household models. Global Environmental Change.

Beven, K. and Hall, J. (2014) Applied Uncertainty Analysis for Flood Risk Management. World Scientific. ISBN: 978-1-84816-270-9.

Recent and Forthcoming Events

International conference: Megafauna and Ecosystem Function: from the Pleistocene to the Anthropocene, March 2014.
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China's Water Futures
Three lectures outlining the water challenges in China, frameworks for water management and infrastructure vulnerability to water risks.
6 May 2014, 4-6pm, Blue Boar Lecture Theatre, Christ Church, Oxford, OX1 1DP. Full details.

More events

Multimedia highlights

Contribution to the IPCC Fifth Assessment Report How attribution studies work: A visual demonstration. Contribution to the IPCC Fifth Assessment Report 2013.

Chris Doughty Do animal extinctions make the planet less fertile? Dr Chris Doughty explains his research in the 2013 Oxford University Annual Review

Yadvinder Malhi video Yadvinder Malhi on rainforest biodiversity in Peru

UKERC Video'Closing the Loop: Behaviour Change in Demand Side Management'

ECI Research Affiliations

UKCIP UK Infrastructure Transitions Research Consortium Climate Change, Agriculture and food Security Tyndall Centre for Climate Change Research Oxford Martin SchoolOxford Centre for Tropical Forests UK Energy Research Centre