Oxford Martin Programme Resource Stewardship

Oxford Martin Programme on Resource Stewardship

In this Oxford Martin Programme, we are working across the sciences, social sciences and humanities to radically rethink global resource stewardship. We aim to deliver a framework, accountable to future generations, that will create actionable input on critical global issues such as freshwater resources, land-use and atmosphere.

Increasing resilience to water-related risk in the UK fresh fruit & vegetable system

Fresh fruit and vegetable (FF&V) supply chains are exposed to risks at multiple points from field to fork, but perceptions of risks and how to manage them differ between actors depending on where they are located in the system. This project, led by the University of Cranfield, seeks to identify hotspots of water-related risk in the UK's FF&V system by combining trade, production and hydrological data, and to integrate this information with stakeholder perspectives to develop system maps and shared visions of how to move the system in a more resilient direction. The project is part of the GFS Resilience of the UK Food System Programme, which is coordinated by a team based in ECI.

ITRC-MISTRAL: Multi-scale Infrastructure Systems Analytics

In its first phase (2011-2016) the Oxford University-led Infrastructure Transitions Research Consortium (ITRC) developed the world’s first family of national-scale system models for analysis and planning of interdependent infrastructure systems, marking a significant advancement in the UK’s long-term, national infrastructure planning capability. ITRC’s second phase, entitled MISTRAL (Multi-scale InfraSTRucture systems AnaLytics), builds upon the success of the past 5-years, advancing a next generation of systems models and analytical techniques, to support infrastructure decision making across scales ‒ from household to global scale. Water is one of the five key infrastructure components modelled within the ITRC, alongside energy, transport, waste and ITC.

Completed projects/activities

GWP report

Water Security and Sustainable Growth

ECI's Jim Hall co-charied the expert Task Force of the Global Water Partnership and OECD Global Dialogue on Water Security and Sustainable Growth

Photo: Oxfam International/Flickr CC by 2.0
  • Funding: EPSRC
  • 2004-2012
  • Professor Jim Hall

Water Security, Risk and Society Conference 2012

The International Conference on Water Security, Risk and Society was held on 16-18 April 16-18 2012 at the University of Oxford. The event convende many of the world’s leading thinkers from science, policy and enterprise to understand the status of and pathways to water security at multiple scales..

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