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  • Funding: NERC
  • 2014-2018
  • Professor Jim Hall

Managing the Risks, Impacts and Uncertainties of droughts and water scarcity (MARIUS)

This multi-disciplinary research project will adopt a risk-based approach, providing new evidence and insights to minimise and manage the harmful impacts of droughts and water scarcity in the UK.

Oxford Martin Programme Resource Stewardship

Oxford Martin Programme on Resource Stewardship

In this Oxford Martin Programme, we are working across the sciences, social sciences and humanities to radically rethink global resource stewardship. We aim to deliver a framework, accountable to future generations, that will create actionable input on critical global issues such as freshwater resources, land-use and atmosphere.

Completed projects/activities


A National Scale Model of Green Infrastructure for Water Resources

This project explores how green infrastructure can be factored into national water resource planning. The project will consider how the benefits of new green infrastructure, such as new wetlands or forests can be evaluated, the robustness of such options in a changing climate, and how green infrastructure compares to conventional infrastructure.

Credible consortium logo
  • Funding: NERC
  • 2014-2017
  • Professor Jim Hall

Risk in the Environment: Diagnostics, Integration, Benchmarking, Learning and Elicitation (CREDIBLE)

The £2m CREDIBLE consortium is part of the Natural Environment Research Council (NERC) PURE Programme. It aims to improve the handling of uncertainty in relation to natural hazards, by both scientists and stakeholders; and improve communication between the science and stakeholder communities.

REACH logo
  • Funding: DFID
  • 2015-2021
  • Professor Jim Hall (ECI lead)

REACH: Improving water security for the poor

REACH is a global seven-year research programme working at the interface of water security and poverty reduction research and practice. It aims to improve water security for five million poor people in Africa and South Asia.

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