Environmental Change Institute, University of Oxford

Workshop background

The past decade has seen significant developments in the approaches to assessing and managing flood risk. Programmes such as the National Flood Risk Assessment (NaFRA) and the Long Term Investment Strategy (LTIS) (undertaken by the Environment Agency) have built upon this knowledge and continue to represent leading international practice.

Following on from the first FoRUM Workshop (focused on national scale risk models) this second workshops addressed Long term investment planning. In particular, the Workshop will focus on recent advances in investment planning under conditions of future uncertainty made in both the private sector (e.g. Water Utilities); in Government agencies (e.g. Environment Agency) and in academic communities (both in the UK through FRMRC I / II, ITRC, iCOAST and internationally, particularly in the US and Netherlands). Some of these methods are finding their way into investment planning processes (such as the Agency's Long Term Investment Strategy, LTIS, and Thames Water investment planning processes) but a significant gap exists between the approaches applied in practice and the advances being made in academia (e.g. Sayers et al, 2013, Hino and Hall, 2014).

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The aims of the workshop are to help:

  1. Consolidate recent advances in investment planning and the approaches adopted at national and regional levels
  2. Compare and contrast the techniques developed through initiatives such as FRMRC and the Agency sponsored Adaptive Capacity project and long-term Investment studies with those underdevelopment in the Netherlands and within leading corporations.
  3. Enable stakeholders to access the latest thinking and techniques to support investment planning and set the approaches being adopted in the UK in the context of wider international practice.


Welcome and next steps | Paul Sayers

National long term investment planning: Why is it needed? An Environment Agency perspective | Mike Steel

Long term investment planning: Why is it needed? A Water company perspective | Chris Lambert

Long term investment strategy: An independent review of the 2014 assessment | Jim Hall

What investments are of interest to flood risk managers and how can they be characterised within an analysis? | Jon Wicks

Improved Modelling for Long Term Investment Strategy (LTIS) Assessing alternative methods | Paul Sayers