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Global Environmental Change and Food Systems Programme

Global Environmental Change and Food Systems (GECAFS) was an international, interdisciplinary research project which focussed on understanding the links between food security and global environmental change.

Food distribution
  • Funding: The American Institute of Mathematics
  • 2015
  • ECI Lead: Dr John Ingram

Multiscale Modelling of the Food System

Developing a hierarchy of models for food systems at multiple spatial and temporal levels. This will be based on building conceptual models of the food system as a whole, providing the structural overview and framework for building mathematically-based models with gradually increasing levels of details. Launched at workshop in April 2015

African farmer

Food System Governance, Food Security and Land Use in Southern Africa (SAFGOV)

The formation of an international community of researchers to develop a new research agenda on the effectiveness and adaptiveness of food system governance and security in southern Africa.