Environmental Change Institute, University of Oxford

New UK End Use Energy Demand Centre

The EPSRC has recently funded Professor Nick Eyre as the Energy Demand Research Champion for the Research Councils' Energy Programme. The aim of the Champion grant is to develop a proposal for a new UK Centre for Research on Energy Demand, starting in April 2018, building on the work of the existing six End Use Energy Demand (EUED) Centres that end in 2018.

Research into energy demand is central to the energy and climate challenge, and forms the backbone of Nick's appointment. Read more about why energy demand matters in Nick's recent blog post for the EPSRC.

Initial plans for the Centre are set out in Energy Use Energy Demand: Towards a New Centre., presentation by Professor Nick Eyre at the University of Lancaster EUED Gala on 4th July 2017

Consultation Survey

In order to develop the strategy and plans for a new End Use Energy Demand Centre, Nick Eyre is consulting with the energy community on the themes that should be prioritised. The consultation survey took place in July 2017. View results from the survey.

Further opportunities for input to the content of the new Centre were provided through a consultation meeting for the research community and its stakeholders (on 28th September 2017). See Nick Eyre’s presentation to that meeting.

Further consultation is planned on energy research demand challenges in March 2018.

Leadership Roles

Analysis of the consultation allowed a thematic structure to be developed for the proposed research centre. A call for expressions of interest in theme leadership followed the consulation and the selected theme/challenge leaders have been proposed as Centre Co-Directors in the Centre bid.


As part of his role as Energy Demand Research Champion, Nick Eyre has submitted a response to the consultation on the ‘Cost of Energy Review'.