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CREDS is a research centre established in 2018 with a vision to make the UK a leader in understanding the changes in energy demand needed for the transition to a secure and affordable, low carbon energy system.


Description of the Centre

We are a team of more than 130 academics at more than 20 academic institutions across the UK.

The UK is committed, under the goals of the Paris Agreement and the UK Climate Change Act, to move towards a zero-carbon energy system. This radically changes the energy demand challenge, as it can only be delivered by combining reduction in energy use with switching to the use of decarbonised fuels.

In order to address the scale of the challenges, energy demand research needs to focus on the challenges of demand side change going 'further, faster and flexibly'. Studies of incremental efficiency improvement and minor behavioural changes will not be sufficient; attention to more transformative change is needed. This changing context for energy implies new research questions in the areas of technology, business models, social change and governance, and in their interaction. Our vision is for energy demand research in the UK to rise to this challenge.