Environmental Change Institute, University of Oxford

Solar Monitoring at West Oxfordshire District Council


The ECI is monitoring the performance of West Oxfordshire District Council's solar office building in Witney.

This contains 23 kWp of building integrated solar photovoltaic arrays PV, across 6 different roofs, each with different pitches and orientations (see image, right). Two roofs face NNE and WNW, and so do not receive direct sunshine throughout the course of the year. The building is seen as an important test of the effects of non-optimal orientations as part of the DTI Field Trial process, although it is acknowledged that energy yields will never reach optimal levels.

The building integrates the majority of the PV as solar roof-shingles, with a further 2 kWp of multicrystalline cells as glass-glass laminates, so also provides an opportunity to test the performance of different technologies.

However, in contrast to the ECI's PV-Compare project, the Council offices are an operational solar building, rather than a bespoke test site

Project details