Environmental Change Institute, University of Oxford

IMPACT: Interactive manual of policies to abate carbon from transport

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IMPACT is a web-based catalogue of transport policies that combines a moderated "wiki" approach with an evidence-based global review on the potential for carbon reduction in the transport sector. The interactive web-site also promotes dialogue amongst transport and energy professionals and academics to ensure the database of policy instruments is comprehensive and up-to-date.

Each policy review assesses the potential for transport policy instruments to contribute to global and UK climate change goals. These policies include both ‘hard’ infrastructural and technological based solutions as well as regulatory, fiscal and ‘soft’ or "smart" policies to encourage travel behaviour change. By systematically gathering the most current evidence combined with timely interaction with transport academics, practitioners and stakeholders from around the world, it is anticipated that more informed decisions will be able to be made regarding the myriad of options available to tackle climate change through transport policy.

The IMPACT policy assessments pay specific attention to potential synergies and assess complementary policies necessary to optimize carbon abatement. IMPACT also contributes to the broader research programme undertaken by the UKERC Demand Reduction Theme in developing a UK Transport Carbon Model (UKTCM), coordinated by ECI. Evidence drawn from IMPACT will be used to inform the development of policy packages modelled by UKTCM to assess strategic future policy pathways to reduce carbon from the UK transport sector.

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