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The 80% House Report

The Low-carbon Strategy from the Environmental Change Institute at Oxford University identifies the policies needed to deliver an 80 per cent cut in carbon emissions from UK homes by 2050. These cuts are achievable but will require a quantum leap in commitment from Government and a radical new approach.

The policies have been designed not only to dramatically reduce carbon emissions, but also to be delivered equitably. The poorest households will be prioritised for assistance and fuel poverty will be wiped out. The scientifi c consensus is that for the UK to play its part in helping the world avoid a rise of more than 2°C, we must reduce our carbon emissions by 80 per cent by 2050. The household sector represents 27 per cent of our total emissions and achieving deep cuts here is an imperative.

The low-carbon revolution starts at home.

The 80% House

Click on house below to see, at a glance, the changes required to the average home in order to achieve an 80% cut in housing emissions.

The 80% House: Image copyright: Friends of the Earth

This report was carried out by the ECI and commissioned by Friends of the Earth in collaboraton with The Co-operative Bank

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