Environmental Change Institute, University of Oxford

First Step

UK Music Industry Greenhouse Gas Emissions for 2007


This study is the first analysis of the carbon emissions of the UK music industry. The UK music industry is a pivotal cultural and creative industry, nationally and internationally; it therefore has the power – and the responsibility – to be a proactive leader in taking and driving climate change action. If the industry commits to becoming a climate leader, it needs to ensure, as a first step, that its own commitments are aligned with emissions reduction targets.

Julie's Bicycle, the funder of this project, is developing as an industry collaboration which aims to catalyse a sector-wide strategic response, starting with an understanding – and progressive management of – its own carbon footprint.

The opportunity to partner with the music industry on this report ‘ First Step’ gave ECI an unprecedented opportunity to understand an influential sector of the UK economy with a global reach, high profile, and a commitment to analyzing and reducing its carbon emissions. Julie’s Bicycle, led by Jazz Summers and Alison Tickell, took the initiative to commission and raise funds for the study. They worked closely with us, along with the Board of Julie’s Bicycle, to frame the research questions, provide access to data and informants, and to ensure that we communicated our results in ways that are useful to the music industry while maintaining high scientific standards.

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