Environmental Change Institute, University of Oxford


Integrating sustainable energy systems into our homes

The cRRescendo project aims to integrate elements of sustainable energy systems into more than 6,000 new and existing homes in Almere (Netherlands), Milton Keynes (UK), Ajaccio (Corsica) and Viladecans (in the metropolitan area of Barcelona). There will also be some development of energy-efficient public buildings that make use of renewable technologies.

There is an emphasis on disseminating the findings from the project through 'associated communities' and organisations such as EcoMaires and the European New Towns Platform.

cRRescendo is funded by the European Commission as part of the CONCERTO programme, which aims to demonstrate the high potential for reducing energy consumption and increasing the use of renewables through community scale projects. The cRRescendo project will run until 2010.

The ECI is co-ordinating the non-technical research for the project, looking in particular at the way in which decisions are reached and what the participants have learned from their experience of constructing, adapting or living in the new and altered buildings.

Project details