Environmental Change Institute, University of Oxford

Analysis of Belgium's Climate Change Mitigation Policy

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In the framework of the Kyoto Protocol, and as part of the EU burden sharing agreement, Belgium has to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions by 7.5%. The study will provide support for the Belgian Government to enable enhanced improvements in energy efficiency to be made.

The main tasks are to:

  • Establish the current state of energy efficiency in Belgium.
  • Establish the state of current energy efficiency policy and conduct a quantitative evaluation.
  • Evaluate the current and future contribution of energy efficiency policy to climate change mitigation.
  • Estimate potential for energy efficiency improvements for 2010 through to 2030.
  • Gap analysis, between actual and potential energy efficiency improvements.
  • Produce a global programme for improvement of energy efficiency.
  • Analysis of data gaps and recommendations.
  • Produce final report of conference (March 2003).

Project details