Real-time deforestation detection project - INPE

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The DETER 'Near Real Time Deforestation Detection System' uses remote sensing techniques to detect land cover changes within the Brazilian Amazon area.

The research is carried out using MODIS remote sensors with high temporal observation frequency on board NASA's Terra and Acqua satellites, and the WFI sensor, onboard CBERS-2 satellite. These sensors make it possible to avoid cloud cover over the region. The medium spatial resolution of the sensors permits the detection of new deforestation in areas bigger than 0.25km2, which is an important factor in determining how land use is changing. Deforestation is also being researched as part of another program developed by INPE, called PRODES, which uses high spatial resolution satellite data.

The DETER system is an INPE/MCT project supported by the Brazilian Ministry for the Environment and IBAMA, and is part of the Federal Government schedule to control the Amazonian deforestation.

At Oxford, we are exploring the expansion of the DETER approach to the wider Amazon region, and to the African and Asian tropics.

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