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ECI's climate research focuses on climate prediction, detection and attribution, as well as climate risk assessment and modelling of climate impacts. ECI hosts UKCIP (the UK Climate Impacts Programme), which promotes and enables adaptation in government and business.


Climate Science

The Global Climate Science programme looks at the attribution of climate change, climate model uncertainties, and the carbon cycle.

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Impacts and Adaptation

The Impacts and Adaption work focuses on climate impacts on flooding risks and infrastructure systems, and adaptation strategies in the the UK and globally.

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The Mitigation research investigates how to reduce energy demand and decarbonise the UK energy infrastructure.

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The ECI participates in international climate policy and manages the formal UNFCCC registration process on behalf of the University of Oxford. Opportunities are open to all members of the University of Oxford.

Climate news

In order to adapt to, or address loss and damage from, the changing risks of extreme events occurring we need to understand the effect of climate change on such events.

Friederike Otto, et al (2015), Attribution of extreme weather events in Africa: a preliminary exploration of the science and policy implications Climatic Change

Every business aspiring to a long-term existence must have a plan for when net emissions are zero. Even if the Paris warming target of ‘well below 2C’ is not achieved, carbon dioxide emissions must nevertheless decline to net zero for Earth to stop warming.

Professor Myles Allen, Letter, Financial Times

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Climate Programme staff

Professor Myles AllenProfessor Myles AllenLeader, Climate Research Programme
Professor of Geosystem Science
 Stephanie Ferguson Stephanie FergusonDesigner and Editor (UKCIP)
Dr Neven FučkarDr Neven FučkarMarie Sklodowska-Curie Individual Fellow, Departmental Tutor, and College Advisor
Professor Jim HallProfessor Jim HallLeader, Water Research Programme
Professor of Climate and Environmental Risks
Dr Luke HarringtonDr Luke HarringtonPostdoctoral Research Assistant
Dr Victoria HaymanDr Victoria HaymanResearch Assistant
Professor Benito MüllerProfessor Benito MüllerConvener International Climate Policy Research, ECI
Dr Friederike OttoDr Friederike OttoAssociate Director of ECI; Associate Professor, Climate Research Programme
Dr Lisa SchipperDr Lisa SchipperEnvironmental Social Science Research Fellow
 Heather Waller Heather WallerAdministrative Assistant - Lower Carbon Futures Programme and Climate Research Lab
Dr Pete WaltonDr Pete WaltonKnowledge Exchange Research Fellow

Doctoral research

Dina Hestad

Organising Urban Sustainability Transformations: Exploring the role, abilities, and potential of Sustainability-Oriented Hybrid Organisations

Supervisor: Dr Tom Thornton; Dr J. Tabara (Autonomous University of Barcelona)

Vance Z H Tan

Strategic assessment of long-term plans for adaptation to flood risk at a national scale

Supervisor: Prof. Jim Hall

Lisa Thalheimer

Climate induced human mobility: the impact of floods on migration and climate policies in developing countries

Supervisor: Dr Friederike Otto; Prof Mathias Czaika, International Migration Institute