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Dr Yekatherina Bobrova


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Dr Yekatherina Bobrova

Research Associate in Energy Demand Reduction Policy


Yekatherina is a Research Associate in Energy Demand Reduction Policy, she joined the ECI in 2021 to undertake research in projects under the overall theme of 'Demand/ supply policy asymmetry', which forms part of the Theme 6 (Policy and Governance) in the Centre for Research into Energy Demand Solutions (CREDS). The theme is led by Dr Tina Fawcett.

Yekatherina holds a PhD in Social Science and System Dynamics from University College London (2020), which focused on the demand side of the sustainable energy transition in the UK owner-occupied housing stock. Upon completion of her PhD, Yekatherina was awarded a 1-year ESRC Postdoctoral Fellowship, with which she extended on her PhD work and built networks to develop impact opportunities.

Yekatherina's long-term research interests include: (i) socio-technical systems research; (ii) sustainable energy transitions; (iii) social science research on energy demand issues; (iv) politics of energy and climate change; (v) system dynamics.


Journal Articles

Conference Papers

  • Bobrova, Y., Eyre, N., Fawcett, T., Nolden, C. and Papachristos, G. (2022) 'Energy supply/demand policy asymmetry: a meta-narrative review from a systems perspective' [Presentation]. Energy and Climate Transformations. 3rd Energy Research and Social Science conference. University of Manchester, 20-23rd June. Manchester, UK.
  • Nolden, C., Eyre, N., Fawcett, T. and Bobrova, Y. (2022) The role of energy demand in policymaking for a just transition to net zero: a comparative survey in the UK, the Netherlands and Germany (3-164-22). ECEEE 2022 Summer Study on energy efficiency: agents of change. European Council for an Energy Efficient Economy, 6-11th June. Hyères, France.

Conference papers

  • Bobrova, Y. and Papachristos, G. (2021) Process perspective on home retrofitting decisions: a qualitative metasynthesis. In: BEHAVE 2020-2021: the 6th European Conference on Behaviour Change for Energy Efficiency. 21-23 April. Virtual event, hosted by the Technical University of Denmark.
  • Bobrova, Y. and Papachristos, G. (2019) Work management under stress: a dynamic exploration of a motivation control theory of fatigue. Student Prize Award for the best student paper of the year. In: UK Chapter of the System Dynamics Society. Annual Conference 2019. 4-5 April. London, UK. Published by UK Chapter of the System Dynamics Society.
  • Bobrova, Y. and Tikhomirova, S. (2018) 'Psychological home-meanings as a factor in low-carbon retrofit behaviour' [Presentation]. Presented at: The all-Russian anniversary conference "Problems of social and economic psychology: Results and future research". 7 December. Moscow, Russia. Published by Institute of Psychology of Russian Academy of Sciences. Conference programme (in Russian).
  • Fouseki, K. and Bobrova, Y. (2018) 'Understanding the change of heritage values over time and its impact on energy efficiency: decision-making at residential historic buildings through system dynamics'. In: EEHB2018. 3rd International Conference on Energy Efficiency in Historic Buildings. 26-27 September. Visby, Sweden. Published by Uppsala University. Conference report
  • Bobrova, Y., Chiu, L.F. and Papachristos, G. (2018) Understanding homeowners' renovation decisions resulting in low-carbon retrofit. In: BEHAVE 2018. 5th European Conference on Behaviour and Energy Efficiency. 6-7 September. Zurich, Switzerland. Published by Zurich University of Applied Sciences.
  • Bobrova, Y., Papachristos, G. and Zimmermann, N. (2018) A dynamic model of psychological fatigue in the process of low-carbon home retrofit. In: 36th International Conference of the System Dynamics Society. 6-10 August 2018/ Reykjavík, Iceland. Published by System Dynamics Society.
  • Zimmermann, N., Chiu, L.F., Bobrova, Y. and Chalabi, Z. (2016) Endogenous transformation of exogenous effects in a system dynamics model of heating, ventilation and rebound. In: 34th International Conference of the System Dynamics Society. 17-21 July. Delft, the Netherlands. Published by System Dynamics Society.
  • Bobrova, Y., Marjanovic-Halburd, L. and McLennan, P. (2016) 'Developing critical reading, thinking and discussion skills among students at a Masters level using virtual learning environment'. In: Gómez Chova, L., López Martínez, A., and Candel Torres, I., (eds.) Proceedings of the 8th International Conference on Education and New Learning Technologies Barcelona, Spain. 4-6 July, 2016. Valencia, Spain: International Academy of Technology, Education and Development (IATED), pp. 11-20.

Other publications and work dissemination

  • Bobrova, Y. (2019) ‘The adoption process of low-carbon home retrofit among UK homeowners: a socio-technical perspective and system dynamics model’. [Presentation]. Presented at: PhD seminar series at the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS). 25 September. BEIS: London, UK.
  • Marjanovic-Halburd, L. and Bobrova, Y. (2018) Final-year projects as a vehicle for delivering research-based education. In: Tong, V., Standen, A. and Sotiriou, M., (eds.) Shaping higher education with students: Ways to connect research and teaching. London, UK: UCL press, pp. 280-282.
  • Macmillan, A., Davies, M. and Bobrova, Y. (2014) Integrated decision-making about housing, energy and wellbeing (HEW): report on the mapping work for stakeholders. London: The Bartlett, UCL Faculty of the Built Environment, Institute for Environmental Design and Engineering.