Dr Sam Moore

Honorary Research Associate


Sam is a post doctoral research assistant in tropical carbon dynamics within the Ecosystem Dynamics group of the Environmental Change Institute at the University of Oxford. For his undergraduate degree, he studied Environmental Biogeoscience at the University of Leeds and subsequently completed a PhD at the Open University in 2011.

Sam has a wide range of research interests within the broad area of ecosystem and environmental sciences. To date, most of his research has taken place in the tropics, including areas in South America, Africa and Asia. His PhD research focused on the tropical peatlands of Southeast Asia and the role that these peatlands have in the global carbon cycle. In particular, Sam investigated the impact that anthropogenic disturbances such as logging, drainage and fire events have on the export of fluvial organic carbon and consequently, the overall carbon balance of these tropical peatland ecosystems.

Current Research

Sam is currently implementing studies of carbon allocation and cycling at forest sites in West and Central Africa. This involves conducting and maintaining long-term studies of above- and belowground productivity, autotrophic respiration and microclimate at six sites in Ghana and Gabon, which will help to determine how Carbon Use Efficiency varies in contrasting tropical forests.

Overall, it is anticipated that at least 18 intensive research plots in Africa will be installed, to complement the ongoing 17 plots across Amazonia (RAINFOR research project). From a baseline of zero comprehensive carbon assessments in 2005, this total dataset will be a substantial data resource for the tropical forest ecology and global ecosystems science research communities. It will: (1) Provide baseline estimates of current forest carbon storage, and (2) Track ongoing changes in forest carbon cycling. These results will help develop the next generation of coupled atmosphere-biosphere models and guide international climate policy.


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