Samuel Lee-Gammage

FCRN Research and Communications Officer


Samuel Lee-Gammage is a Research and Communications officer at FCRN - the ECI's network that conducts,synthesises, and communicates research on food systems and sustainability.. Together with Milja, his role is to develop FCRN’s website, communications, and online resources such as Foodsouce, among other things. He holds an MSc in Environmental Change and Management from the Environmental Change Institute at Oxford, and a BSc in Environmental Geosciences from the University of Bristol. As an undergraduate, Sam attended international climate change negotiations and following graduation, researched scenario-based decision-making for climate change adaptation in the UK water industry, at Exeter University. At Oxford, Sam travelled to Humla Nepal to study the livelihood and natural resource impacts of the declining practice of transhumance, as part of a team of students studying socio-ecological change and food security in the region. This led to an interest in food systems and later a period of two years working for a private American foundation, focussed on communicating more widely, the body of research on the environmental impacts of food demand. Sam is interested in a broad range of food system issues, especially those at the nexus of sustainable healthy diets: understanding how dietary demand can be aligned with environmental limits while providing health synergies. He also works part-time for the RSPB on agricultural emissions policy and so has a professional interested in understanding what sustainable agricultural mitigation looks like and in identifying its global and EU potential.