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Dr Nikolaos Fyllas


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Dr Nikolaos Fyllas

Honorary Research Associate


Nikos is a post doctoral researcher in the Ecosystems Group of ECI. His focus is to understand the soil-plant-atmosphere continuum, through the combined use of field observations / measurements and ecosystem models. Nikos mainly works in Tropical and Mediterranean Ecosystems. His work spans from the fields of Functional Ecology and Ecophysiology to that of Ecosystem Modelling and Ecoinformatics.

Nikos is trained as a mechanical engineer (National Technical University of Athens) and holds a PhD in Ecology (Department of Environment, University of the Aegean). He was a Post-doctoral and Marie-Curie fellow in the Ecology and Global Change Cluster, School of Geography, University of Leeds. He has also worked as an independent researcher at the Faculty of Biology, University of Athens.

Current Research

Nikos is developing the Trait-based Forest Simulator (TFS), an individual-based model that uses trait distributions to represent functional tree diversity and alternative plant strategies at simulations of forest dynamics. He works for the GEM-Trait project, linking data from intensively monitored plots with the TFS model in order to explore the geographical patterns of forest productivity across the worlds Tropical regions and the vulnerability of these ecosystems to global change. He also coordinates a forest plot inventory across elevational gradients in Greece, with an ultimate goal to accurately understand their dynamics under global change.



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