Dr Neven Fučkar


Research Groups

Dr Neven Fučkar

Postdoctoral Research Assistant, Departmental Tutor and College Lecturer


Dr. Neven S. Fučkar is a weather and climate scientist who focuses on the detection and attribution of extreme events in the context of a changing climate. Neven is working on the HIASA (High Impact weather Attribution over South Africa) project using observations, reanalysis products, and CMIP5/6 and large-ensemble weather@home2 simulations to investigate properties, drivers, and impacts of extreme events (particularly heat waves, droughts, and floods).

Neven completed his PhD in Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences at Princeton University, USA, where he investigated large-scale ocean dynamics and the ocean’s role in climate. Prior to joining the Environmental Change Institute, Neven worked at the University of Hawaii, USA, and the Catalan Institute of Climate Sciences and the Barcelona Supercomputing Center, Spain, where he was involved in a spectrum of research subjects: coupled climate dynamics and modelling, Arctic sea ice, seasonal to decadal predictions, bias correction and forecast verification, climate change, and extreme events.


Neven is also a tutor in C5 Physics of Atmospheres and Oceans at the Department of Physics and a stipendiary lecturer in physical geography at the St Peter's College.


For a full list of Neven's publications, see his Google scholar and ORCID pages.


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