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Dr Michelle Cain

Science and Policy Research Associate

Academic Profile

Michelle’s core expertise is in air pollution, greenhouse gases and climate science. Her focus as a postdoctoral researcher at the University of Cambridge (2009-2017) was on the greenhouse gas methane and its sources in the UK and in the Arctic. She took part in conducting large field campaigns to the Arctic to measure methane in the atmosphere, linking these measurements back to sources such as remote wetlands.

In Cambridge, Michelle was the coordinator for the Cambridge Centre for Climate Science, a network of climate scientists in departments across the university and the British Antarctic Survey, responsible for a programme of activity to build the climate science community. Michelle also spent 18 months as a Natural Environment Research Council policy placement fellow at Defra (Department for environment, food and rural affairs), specialising in air quality.

Her PhD, from the University of Reading, combined measurements with modelling of long range transport of pollutants in the atmosphere from North America to Europe, and also in the West African Monsoon. Before embarking on her PhD, Michelle was a communications officer at the Institute of Physics, working on both media and public engagement. This put her in good stead for coordinating the outreach and knowledge exchange activities for two research projects in Cambridge.



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