Dr Kasia Zieminska


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Dr Kasia Zieminska

Honorary Research Associate


I am a post-doctoral researcher interested in how wood anatomy underpins trees functions and their ecological strategies. At the moment, I am working on the worldwide wood anatomical comparisons as part of the Global Ecosystem Monitoring (GEM) project. I am especially interested in how anatomical traits may affect tree growth rates and how these potential relationships are modified by climate.

During my PhD at Macquarie University (Sydney, Australia), I studied anatomical underpinnings of wood density across a diverse set of Australian angiosperms. My main finding was that the same wood density can actually be achieved via a variety of anatomies, especially so in lower density woods. Before moving to Australia, I worked at Kew Gardens quantifying wood anatomy of rosewoods from Central and South America, some of which are still subjected to illegal logging and trading.