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Dr Kaysara Khatun

Marie Curie Fellow


Kaysara Khatun is a Marie Curie Fellow at the Environmental Change Institute (ECI). She has over 15 years of experience in the private, NGO and academic sectors working in Asia, Africa, Europe and South America. Kaysara’s research interests are situated in the areas of climate change policy, land use change, and natural resource management. These include adaptation and mitigation reflecting a keen interest in policy formation and implementation in international, national, through to community levels, mainly in the forestry and sustainable development contexts. Her work links insights from both the social and the natural sciences with a strong commitment to empirical research. She has been involved in projects (or in an advisory capacity) with CATIE (Costa Rica), CIFOR (Indonesia), MCDI (Tanzania), IISc (India), Winrock International (USA), the Govt of Ecuador etc. She received her Ph.D in the Geographical Sciences from Bristol University, an MSc in Environmental Science with Legislation and Management from Brunel University and a BSc in Physics from Kings College London.

Kaysara’s current project, Land Use and Resource Management at the Agricultural- Forest Frontier (LAMAR) aims to explore the inter-relationships between conservation and agricultural practices in order to determine how sustainable land use practices can be created and strengthened over time. Research lines include assessing Ecosystem Services to humans, as well as factors that are causing ecosystem change, such as commercial agricultural production (e.g. the demand for cash crops such as soy and palm oil) which can affect the long-term resilience of such ecosystems. LAMAR will take into account the discourses, practices and social relationships around land use that are currently unfolding within the 'realpolitik' of a studied region. The findings are expected to be complementary to climate change mitigation efforts and feed into policy processes targeted at improving food security, conservation, and local livelihoods.



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