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Kaveh Rashidi Ghadi

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Kaveh Rashidi Ghadi is Visiting Student Researcher from ETH, Zurich, Switzerland. He is an Engineer and Energy Economist, with over 8 years work experience in renewable energy, energy conservation planning and energy efficiency technologies. Kaveh holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Industrial Engineering, Master of Science in Management, Technology and Economics (MTEC) from ETH, Zurich. He started his PhD there in September 2014 on the subject of Public Policy and Economics, focusing on urban policy making and its implications for the economy. He has spent a semester as an exchange student in International Economics at Yale University, USA.

Kaveh is currently working on topics related to policy diffusion theory, low carbon investment and municipal credit ratings. He has been chairman, moderator and presenter at various international conferences including COP21 in Paris, where he presented Result Based Finance Modeling for cities. At the ECI, Kaveh’s subject of research is on financing urban energy transition under the supervision of Professor Nick Eyre

Kaveh is also a consultant at South Pole Group in Zurich, Switzerland, where he works on the issues related to cities and climate finance.