Environmental Change Institute, University of Oxford

Jing Zhang


Research Groups

Jing Zhang

Researcher in Food System Health, Environmental and Enterprise Metrics


Jing is a postdoctoral researcher in the Food Research Programme of ECI. She works on the BeanMeals project ('Thinking beyond the can': Mainstreaming UK-grown beans in healthy meals), focusing on estimating the health, environmental and enterprise impacts of scaling the use of UK- produced beans and for use in trade-off analyses via qualitative and quantitative research methods. Her role involves working closely with Researchers at collaborating universities as well as stakeholders in Leicestershire, local government, industry and NGO partners.

Jing has an interdisciplinary background with a BA in Public Administration from Nanjing University and an MA in International Relations-Energy, Resources and Environment from Johns Hopkins University and Nanjing University. Her PhD at Lancaster University focused on the resilience of food systems via an actor-based lens, primarily looking at how actors/stakeholders in the food system at various levels engage when confronting disruptions, transformations, and governance, and also the potential trade-offs between food system goals. While at Lancaster, Jing also served as a research assistant and coordinator for the project SIRIUS (Sustainable, Innovative, Resilient, and Interconnected Urban food System). Jing has completed research internships with various NGOs, including the US-China Business Council, Clean Air Asia, and the World Agricultural Heritage Foundation.