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Jane Applegarth


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Jane Applegarth

Administrative Assistant to the Ecosystems Programme and Director of ECI / Co-ordinator for Oxford Centre for Tropical Forests

Jane is responsible for co-ordinating the Oxford Centre for Tropical Forests. She organises OCTF events, including a series of seminars each term, maintains the OCTF website, Facebook page and Twitter account, and produces a weekly OCTF e-newsletter. (Please email jane.applegarth@eci.ox.ac.uk if you would like to be added to the OCTF mailing list.) Jane job shares with Emily Read, assisting Professor Yadvinder Malhi and his team when required, and also provides administrative support to Dr Michael Obersteiner, Director of ECI.

Jane has a BSc in Environmental Studies from the Open University and is particularly interested in biodiversity and conservation. She is a volunteer swift surveyor for the RSPB and helps to monitor swift activity in the Oxford area each summer.