Environmental Change Institute, University of Oxford

Dr Jesus Aguirre Gutierrez

NERC Research Fellow


The goal of my research is to disentangle how a changing climate has impacted, is currently driving and will modify in the near future our natural forest ecosystems.

Much is still unknown about how tropical forests around the world are responding to an increasingly fast changing climate, and there may be regions that are or will experience stronger biodiversity shifts and may be in more need of protection or regulation.

Having grown-up in Guadalajara, one of the biggest cities in Mexico where not much nature is around, I decided to spend a year living with the indigenous "Raramuri" community in Northern Mexico to learn from their vision of nature.

My research interests come from understanding the importance nature has on our livelihoods - something I learnt through my experiences with indigenous communities in Mexico and abroad.

I am and NERC Independent Research Fellow at the School of Geography and the Environment and the Environmental Change Institute. In my work I try to understand the role that plant functional characteristics play in the resilience of tropical forests and make use of field assessment and also lots of remote sensing data from drones and satellites. Currently I am working across several countries including Mexico, Brazil, Peru, Ghana, Gabon, Malaysia and Australia. See more about my work on my personal website.

I am always open to discuss research opportunities at bachelor, MSc and PhD level, feel free to contact me if interested.



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